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June 8, 2020

Onion nodes – AutoJoin workflows

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We have recently released an update to our Dynamo node package – Onion. It can be found in the standard package manager.

Now, we want to show some possible workflows with the package – starting with AutoJoin nodes.

Join intersecting elements automatically

So, let’s say you have a large architectural model and want to generate a few sections. One of the things you have to do in order to make it look nice is to join all the walls and floors visible. Quite a lot of work. See how it can be automated with our nodes :


It is very simple indeed. You just have to input two element lists and voila! After you run the script intersecting elements will be joined.

In the example above we take all the elements of the Wall and Floor categories. The node is a compiled C# code – so it is much faster than standard Dynamo workflows.

Unjoin not intersecting elements

Revit can give you warnings, loads of warnings. Often they involve elements that have been joined but now, for some reason, their geometries are not connecting.

With our Unjoin node you can automatically go through all such warnings and disconnect the elements:


The node requires no setup actually – you just run it. If you want you can see what elements have been processed.

That is all for today. Soon we will publish some more Onion nodes workflows.

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