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April 1, 2023

Bevy roguelike tutorial / devlog part 3 - Action queue

In the previous part of this series we have managed to display, move and do some basic animation of the player character. This time we will start thinking about adding some NPC units. However before we do that we have to figure some turn related mechanics first.Beware though, I believe that's the most tricky aspect of doing turn-based games (at least for me so far). It is much more complex t…
March 30, 2023

Bevy roguelike tutorial / devlog part 2 - The player

In the previous part we ended up with a simple board / map layout displayed. Today I'd like to add a next element to that - spawn the player character.You can see the source code for this part in the repo branch here: PiecesI like to design turn-based games as if they where board games. So if we have a board, we should also have pieces t…
March 18, 2023

Bevy roguelike tutorial / devlog part 1

I have been fiddling with the Bevy Engine for more or less a year now, working mostly on turn-based game prototypes. To be honest, most of the learning materials available seemed to be suited better for the real-time stuff. So, trying now to start a new small project I have decided to share a bit of the process. I am by no means a Bevy expert, but perhaps those steps will be useful for somebody s…
Dec. 6, 2022

Text-based (JSON, Toml) resources in Bevy engine

Even when building a simple game, you might at some point want to keep the data / stats outside of your source code. A structured text file format, like JSON or Toml might sound like a good, not overly complicated, solution. Unfortunately, the Bevy engine does not support loading those out-of-the-box at the moment (I am at v 0.9).You might just think, that loading text data is easy enough to hand…
Sept. 18, 2022

Making Axum server to listen over a Unix socket

I have recently been doing some tinkering with the Axum framework, making simple REST backends. When I was ready to push one of them to the public server, I have realized that my hosting provider uses unix sockets to communicate custom apps with the outside world.The app would receive standard HTTP packets, but had to listen on unix instead of TCP (a bit similar to how Docker API works). At first…
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