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March 29, 2019

Resetting MEP systems overrides

Revit MEP models allow overriding graphical display of entire MEP systems. It can be problematic when linking such models to eg. architecture. Often we would like to adjust visibility settings of MEP elements, but it cannot be done because of those overrides. Their priority is higher then view templates or filters.A solution for that is removing those overrides for every system separately, …
Feb. 12, 2019

Dimensioning elements from linked files with Dynamo

In one of the previous posts I have shown how to dimension curtain walls with Dynamo and Python. A thread on the Dynamo Forum made me realize that it will not work in case of elements coming from linked documents.In order to create a new dimension line by script in Revit we have to prepare first a reference array – a list of references to all the objects we want to dimension. According to Revit A…
Jan. 9, 2019

Curtain wall dimensions with API and Dynamo

In this post I want to show a method that allows to automatically dimension curtain walls in Revit, with the result as on an image above.First let’s assume that our input data are: a curtain wall, a line specifying location of the future dimension line and a view. In order to create a new dimension line in Revit we use such code: doc.Create.NewDimension(view,line,refArray); Where “doc” is ou…
Dec. 7, 2018

Removing not placed rooms with Dynamo

As it is probably well known for everybody using Revit that rooms removed from model are still kept within the file as “not placed”. In order to delete them completely we have to create a schedule that would filter them for us. It is not a very tedious process, however still can be simplified by using Dynamo :) This is what such a schedule might look like. We can see that for not placed rooms th…
Nov. 13, 2018

Disabling underlays with Dynamo

Today a short post about setting multiple (or all) view underlays to none. It can save us loads of time as usually we have to do it each time we export or print drawings. Unfortunately setting underlays to ‘none’ has to be done manually for each plan view.One thing that can help us with that is a Dynamo addon, which is great for simple and repetitive tasks. By using it we can take all the plan vi…
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